Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hidden Deception comes with a price

Hidden Deception comes with a price  By: Renee Williams

When we hide behind the mask of deception, are we really making our inner selves?

Or delaying the inevitable?

If you look deep into the eyes of your victim.

You will find their soul there.

Night screams, cold terror sweats, now you realize who is at the other end of that barrel.

Masking what the light wants to reveal.

Sending blind rage to those who threat your anonymity.

Its a pend up emotion, only known by users, dealers, actors and their victims.

As you stump through the ice lakes of despair.

Thinking how you want to awaken from this cold lonely nightmare.

Remember you choose this path.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Legitimate work at home jobs

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Great e-books for less than $2.00

Mind of A Woman e-book is now on sale at Amazon for $1.99. When a drug addicted woman battle against her addiction life is rough. She tells her story through a series of poems. The physical copy of this book is also available through the publisher Createspace. The e-book is also available on Google Play Store for $1.50 You can receive a free sample of the book on Google Play store. This book is a poetry book.

When contract killer Tasha Fergerson find herself in the cross-hairs of her company, she goes on a killing spree. Her husband and sheriff of Hollybrook, Jalene Fergerson is a fugitive wanted by U.S. Marshals and crime organization El Diablo Familia unbeknownst to her. El Diablo Familia is a known international organizations with many operatives in very high places in many countries. In this page turning tale she finds herself killing people from Jalene's past, discovering her husband's true identity and rekindling an old flame with her lesbian lover Jackie. Now e-book now on sale at Amazon for $1.99. Physical copy available through the publisher Createspace. You can receive a free sample of the book on Google Play store.The e-book is available on Google Play Store
is now on sale for $1.68 

What is your cat doing? A cute and adorable cat taps into the imagination of every boy and girl. He shows them many different occupations and inspire their dreams. The e-book is available on Amazon for $1.99 and on Google Play Store for $0.99. You can receive a free sample of the book on Google Play store. The physical copy is available through the publisher Createspace

Monday, October 20, 2014

E-Books on sale in time for Christmas!

    Mind of a Woman e-book is now on sale for $0.99 just in time for the holidays. This book is about a woman who struggle with drug addiction and homelessness. The story is told through poetry. 

Red Note A Time To Kill is now on sale for $0.99 Crime Thriller. When contract killer Tasha Fergerson find herself in the cross-hairs of her company, she goes on a killing spree. Her husband and sheriff of Hollybrook, Jalene Fergerson is a fugitive wanted by U.S. Marshals and crime organization El Diablo Familia unbeknownst to her. El Diablo Familia is a known international organizations with many operatives in very high places in many countries. In this page turning tale she finds herself killing people from Jalene's past, discovering her husband's true identity and rekindling an old flame with her lesbian lover Jackie.

What is your cat doing? is now on sale for $0.99. A cute and adorable cat taps into the imagination of every boy and girl. He shows them many different occupations and inspire their dreams.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ISIS: Fighting war on terror

Another BlockBuster hit from Jihad, complete with English-speaking militants, executions and ending with FBI searching for militants in the video. The new video is called “Flames of War,” the militant FBI is looking for started speaking in Arabic then switches to perfect English with a North American accent. In the video the same militant appears to coordinate an execution of Syrian soldiers. According to CNN, the United States will be doing a voice analysis and comparing it to people they have under surveillance. Officials say the killer appears to be a significant person of influence with the terror group. The jihadist appears to be articulate and persuasive. In the video, the jihadist makes reference to the Syrian soldiers assigned to 17th Division military base near the Syrian city of Raqqa. He states they are “digging their own graves in the very place where they were stationed.” Examiner cannot independently verify if the men in the video were actual Jihadist or soldiers were killed.

CBS News’ Clarissa Ward talks to a 26-year-old Dutch fighter called Yilmaz who abandoned his western lifestyle to fight Jihad in Syria. "I would fight anybody," said Yilmaz. "Even if it was my own father that was bombing these people, I would fight him and kill him myself." When asked if he missed his home and family. He stated "Yes, of course, of course. We left everything behind, when we migrated, everything, everything, our families our friends, basically our future." Yilmaz believes that American ideology is not needed or wanted in Syria. Citing western hypocrisy, "We don't want you," said Yilmaz. "We want our own laws. We want our own rules.""We want Islamic law," said Yilmaz. "It's the only solution." Yilmaz stated he doesn’t fight with ISIS but he doesn’t condemn them, Assad is not the only enemy these days. Current U.S.-led airstrikes against Islamic militant in Iraq and Syria stirred up the belief that the west is fighting a war on Islam.

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What is your cat doing?

Mind of a Woman 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jimmy Fallon and team up "Ew!"

Jimmy Fallon and will-i-am team up to make a video, and rap about things that is “Ew!” The pair dressed up like teenage girls as a part of Fallon’s recurring “Tonight Show,” “Ew!” Fallon dressed as Sarah a character he often plays while became Together, the two created a musical list of all things “Ew!” One listen, and “Ew!” will probably insight laughter. The song is on sale at iTunes and all proceeds go to charity. Cost of the single is $1.29, which is seriously not “Ew!” The two charities receiving the money from “Ew!” are foundation and SeriousFun Children’s Network. launched the foundation in 2009 to transform lives through education, inspiration and opportunity. foundation administer charitable activities and programs such as scholarships ( scholarship), financial literacy and home mortgage assistance ( House) and college preparation and student life ( College Track). One of Will’s dream is to restore the now desert Boyle Heights to its formal glory. When Will was younger the Boyle Heights was a thriving industrial area. Now, he wants to connect talented people and people with skills to build businesses, give people pride, direction and the opportunity to foster growth and a healthy future. According to Business2Community, Will said “We need to rebuild America for those who dream big and have a sense of community. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

SeriousFun Children’s Network mission is to create opportunity for children and their families to reach beyond serious illness and discover joy, confidence and a new world of possibilities, free of charge. The charity was started in 1988 when the founder, Paul Newman wanted to give eternally ill kids a chance to “kick back and raise a little hell” The camp was born along with a global movement. Paul’s legacy has touch thousands of children and their families in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa since 1988.

Raw Footage: Cops smash window, Taser and drag a man out in front of his kids

An Indiana family filed a lawsuit after police drew guns, busted a car window and used a Taser on an adult passenger during a traffic stop. A little girl can be heard crying in the background of the video as police broke a window, used Taser and drag an unarmed man from the vehicle. Lisa Mahone, woman speaking in the video said she was pulled over Sept. 25 by Hammond police for a seat belt violation as she drove with her boyfriend and their two children to a Chicago hospital, where her mother was on her death bed.

Mahone handed over her license and proof of insurance. The police then asked her boyfriend, Jamal Jones, for his ID. Jones told police he didn’t have an ID because he had recently gotten a ticket, when reached inside his book bag on back seat to show them the ticket. Officers drew guns on the couple and their 14-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. The teen boy began recording the encounter on a cell phone. The officer guns prompted Mahone to call 911 in fear for her life and her children’s lives. She can be heard speaking to the 911 dispatcher.

Mahone told WFLD-TV “Oh my god, he’s pulling me over like I robbed a bank, the whole situation was just crazy.” Jones said "So once the kids were scared, I wasn't gonna get out of the car and leave my kids in the car. He was being so aggressive." "I don't know you and I don't know what you're going to do," an officer told Jones. He responded, "That's why I have my windows up. I'm not no harm to you right now. I got my kids in the car and you're drawing your weapon."One of the police officers took out their baton to smash the window. Police officer used Taser on Jones and dragged him out of the car. The couple filed a federal lawsuit Monday against the Hammond police department, stating the officers overstepped their authority.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Ebola: People infected trick screening personnel with ibuprofen and lies

In recent days, four American health workers have contracted Ebola and Liberian international has brought Ebola on American soil. American is under scrutiny for not testing African visitors for Ebola, but testing for the deadly virus may be a waste of time. Currently, visitors departing from Ebola-stricken countries such as Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are being screened for fevers, but such safeguards are not foolproof. According to Reuters, people infected with Ebola can take ibuprofen to bring down the fever and then lie on their questionnaire. "The fever-screening instruments run low and aren't that accurate," said infection control specialist Sean Kaufman, president of Behavioral-Based Improvement Solutions, a biosafety company based in Atlanta. Kaufman stated People can take ibuprofen to reduce their fever enough to pass screening. He states “Why wouldn't they? If it will get them on a plane so they can come to the United States and get effective treatment after they're exposed to Ebola, wouldn't you do that to save your life?"On Thursday, Liberian officials said the first Ebola patient to be diagnosed in the United States lied on his questionnaire at the Monrovia airport. The traveler, Thomas Eric Duncan, showed no signs of having the deadly virus, his fever scan showed a normal body temperature of 97.3 degrees Fahrenheit, U.S. health officials stated. Now, about 100 people in Dallas that had contact with Duncan is now in quarantine. The state health department has been reaching out people who were on the airplane with Duncan, urging them to get tested.

American and London airports do not screen for Ebola on connecting flights. Kaufman talks about his experience with flying into USA and London. He tells Reuters he flew from Monrovia to Casablanca to London to Atlanta. He was fever-screened in Monrovia and Casablanca, but not London's Heathrow, he said, and not when he arrived in Atlanta."At Heathrow, there were no questions about where I had come from," he said. "I offered the information to the official in Atlanta, and he said, 'Thank you. Be safe.'" According to Bloomberg Senator Rob Portman believes CDC can do more to prevent the deadly virus from infecting Americans on American soil. He stated Thursday “The time for action has come and gone and the CDC has yet to answer why they are resisting this next commonsense step that is long overdue.”Virologist Heinz Feldmann of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases studied Ebola for years and even aided in developing an experimental Ebola vaccine. Last month Feldmann told Science magazine airport screening personnel in Monrovia, “Don’t really know how to use the devices.” He said he saw screening personnel recording temperatures as low as 32 C (90 F), which is so low it “is impossible for a living person.” But in recent days procedures for taking temperatures have improved. On Wednesday, customs personnel began distributing information prepared by the CDC describing Ebola symptoms. The information also states, “You were given this card because you arrived to the United States from a country with Ebola. Call your doctor even if you do not have symptoms.”

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Savannah Early College Program!

Savannah-Chatham Schools is shorting college time for student by offering college credits with a program called Savannah Early College program. Savannah-Chatham school district believes in preparing their students for college. The school board approved a decision to convert Savannah Early College program into a stand-alone high school. The additional school we be added in 2015. Savannah Early College Program is a specialty school that allows high school students to earn credits towards a bachelor’s degree. Students can earn up to two years of college credit towards a bachelor’s degree, tuition free. The school offer counseling for PSAT, SAT and ACT. The program gives students the edge need to be successful in college. While their concentration is mainly in business, law, technology, security, public safety, corrections and historic preservation the school may offer more programs in the future. Currently the program is being housed at Savannah High School and will continue to share the campus until the new school is built. Admission to the specialty school will be based off the lottery system.

Superintendent Dr. Thomas Lockamy said the decision will help expand the successful program. “Each high school student in the past, their test scores, all of their achievements, were sent back to their home zoned high school. This consolidates all of the students in one location and actually recognizes them for the great work they are doing,”

What is your cat doing?

Red Note: A Time To Kill

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Red Note A Time To Kill on sale at

When contract killer Tasha Fergerson find herself in the cross-hairs of her company, she goes on a killing spree. Her husband and sheriff of Hollybrook, Jalene Fergerson is a fugitive wanted by U.S. Marshals and crime organization El Diablo Familia unbeknownst to her. El Diablo Familia is a known international organizations with many operatives in very high places in many countries. In this page turning tale she finds herself killing people from Jalene's past, discovering her husband's true identity and rekindling an old flame with her lesbian lover Jackie.

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Red Note: A Time To Kill

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Losing weight can be hard

I have been trying to lose the body fat from my last child for past three years. But life happen. I have been through a lot, I know it is not excuse for not exercising and eating right. My son was in child protection service custody about 3 years ago over some self-inflected bruises. He would often throw himself into walls when throwing temper tantrums. But years of psychologist and patients broke him out of it.

I have been through financial trouble. My family struggled really bad after my husband got laid off due to the slump in house sells or house being built. I use love lifting weights, do yoga and run, during that time I did lose about 50lbs. But then when the financial stress returned I gained it all back. Because I was so focused on finding a job and working as many hours as possible. My nutrition took a back seat to making money. I am in a better position in life and willing to stick to it now. So, next month I am changing what I eat and getting out more. I will keep you updated.

 I am fit, trim and eating right.

Thank God For Tubal Ligation

I have five wonderful children, each different and unique in their own way. Today I was doing my normal routes. I usually service lunches (summer lunch program for kids) to kids at a non-profit organization called MJM Foundation. There are two young kids maybe about one or two years old that comes every day and eat lunch there. The little girl would just run and scream all day. When my youngest son (about 3 years old) would try to play with her she would make hi-pitch screams.  She would scream when she is happy scream when she doesn't get her way, scream about any thing.  Her screams did not travel anywhere just stayed inside the building. 

Lets just say at the end of the day I thank God I cannot have anymore kids. Thank you God for tubal ligation. I don't have the patients to deal with another kid. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Autistic Son

(My autistic son is on the right side tallest kid)

When I first give birth to my son (now 11 years-old). I had big hopes and dreams for him. I wanted him to play sports, write, read and everything. I just wanted him to take the world on full speed. I wanted to put him in everything. But as he got closer to one years old I notice he stop being verbal. When he was 11 months old he could say mom, grandmother and father. But when he turned 1 years old he was not talking. I did not know what was wrong. I though he might have been a late bloomer.

I took him to see a therapist at two years old. They told me he was autistic and may never talk and always be different. Thank God that therapist was wrong. My son is 11 years old talking and able to do anything. He is currently in normal class with a special ed teacher pulling him out an hour or two during school. He love school and favorite subject is Math.

This is the first time I ever talked about my feeling of having an autistic child. It was frustrating at first but he is getting older and out growing a lot of the temper tantrums and now know how to express his feelings.

Thank God for my healthy boy!

Did you know?

Did you know it is important to read to kids. Reading not only soothe young babies but also aid in developing their vocabulary. Within the first five years of life, children's brains grow rapidly. Its important to start kids early reading. Children's books such as What is your cat doing? is an excellent book to read toddlers and kindergartners. The pictures are bright, beautiful and inspire toddlers to dream big.

Children's books do not have to be long and complicated. The less complex a children's book, they would enjoy it better. That is why so many organizations started plans to get kids reading at young ages. Local libraries have reading hour with various authors. Bookstores have story hour by various authors. Just check your local libraries to find out when they are having story hour. If you don't have time to take your kids to story hour. Wonderful free websites such as Starfall would read books to your kids out loud.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Top 5 books for Kindergarteners

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

This book was published in 1992 and have been teaching kids to read for a long time. Although the book have been republished it still has all the original wording  and pictures are brighter. 

What is your cat doing?

This book is about a cat with many different occupations including doctor, weather chaser. It teaches kids to use their imagination. And a more underlined message of them being anything they want to be, just believe in themselves. The pictures are brightly colored and this adorable cat appears through out the book. 

Big Egg

A hen wakes up and find a giant egg in her nest. She tries to figure out the egg belong too. This book have bright colors and wonderful pictures. Great book for kids just starting to read. 

I like Bugs 

Black Bugs. Green Bugs. Fat Bugs. Buggy Bugs., I like Bugs!, , A rhyming ode to insects, penned by none other then Margaret Wise Brown. This poem was originally published in The Friendly Book., , Mile 1 books entice brand-new readers with rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. The type is big, the words are easy, and the art is bright and bold.

Motley The Fox

Motley the Fox is quiet and nice. She is talented and bright. One of Motley's many talents is that she can paint using many colors. Every time she paints, it brings a smile to people's faces.






Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer reading program for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Summer Reading Program is very important when it comes to preparing you kids for the next grade level. Keeping your kids reading throughout the summer would ensure they will not forget what they been learning all school year.

If your kids are going to Kindergarten or starting Pre-k or just need a way to stimulate their imagination the check out What is your cat doing? 

This book is available in print or ebook on Amazon.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Author R. Williams : What is your cat doing?

Author R. Williams : What is your cat doing?: A new title have been released through Createspace by Renee Williams. The title is called What is your cat doing? The book is for kids j...

What is your cat doing?

A new title have been released through Createspace by Renee Williams. The title is called What is your cat doing? The book is for kids just beginning to read. The cat does many traditional things a cat do along with trying out many different occupations. This book is meant to inspire kids to chase their dreams.
The book is now on sale at  for Kindle and printed copies Createspace


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Red Note: A Time to Kill Synopsis

I am not dirty, just ambitious. You are getting in the way of my ambition, you got to die. - Frank Barrow

Contract killer Tasha Fergerson is content living a quiet life in small town Hollybrook, GA. She lives in the town with her husband Jalene Fergerson. Despite their bumpy marriage riddle with communication issues, verbal abuse and infidelity they still try to make it work.  Tasha is well respected in Hollybrook. She volunteers at the homeless shelter, kind person, attends church faithfully every Wednesday and Sunday and teaches Sunday school to kids between the ages of 2-5. She loves and adores kids but the couple does not have any kids of their own. Tasha hides her killer lifestyle from her husband to protect him. She got into contract killing at the tender age of 14 as a runaway.

Jalene Fergerson is a sheriff of the quiet, mountain terrain town of Hollybrook. Despite his wife church going ways and kind nature he is haunted by his fugitive past. Jalene Fergerson real name is Shawn Robinson. Shawn spent his childhood an orphan and homeless. Despite his hardships, he still manage to obtain a partial scholarship and acceptance in Ivory league Princeton University. Shawn had dreams of becoming a Computer Analysis and wanted to work for C.I.A or F.B.I. During his college years he still struggled financially and didn’t have any support. Shawn started his internship at a weapons laboratory that produces dangerous weapons for the military. Shawn’s roommate and cousins decided to proposition him to assist in stealing a prototype and blueprints for military grade weapon produced at his lab.

Shawn and his friends got caught breaking into the lab but manage to escape prison and F.B.I protection with the help of international criminal organization El Diablo Familia and Korean plastic surgeons. When they got caught Shawn turned Federal witness snitching on his friends who happened to be members of El Diablo Familia, costing the organization millions, putting his life and anyone associated with him life in danger. He managed to hide the micro-disk used in the heist, thus having the only copy of the blueprint stolen from the lab. He changed his face and identity to remain hidden from authorities, his old friends and El Diablo Familia. He is currently married to Tasha, has a drinking problem and dealing with U.S. Marshals in his town searching for him and his old friends. Tasha has no idea that her next contracts were link to her husband. She kills two of Jalene’s old friends in a hotel along Route 66. When she got back from completing a contract, she caught Jalene and his assistant having sex in his study.

Tasha confused and hurt, she decided to reconnect with her old friend and lover Jackie who current resides in upscale Miami, FL community. Jackie and Tasha made love and reconnected as lovers. Her friend is a contract kill but has been on suspension for not successfully track down micro-disk, killing Shawn Robinson and his friends.  Jackie lives a lavish lifestyle, thanks to her contractor money, but since she has been on suspension she had to supplement her income by robbing and sometimes killing drug dealers. She takes Tasha on a robbery, thus lying about her intentions.  Tasha discovers she is not helping Jackie with a hit but a robbery. She confronts Jackie about her finances and she breaks down and tells Tasha about her financial issues and the suspension.  During the robbery Jackie kills a drug kingpin, his brother seeks revenge. He burns down Jackie’s half million dollar home and shoots her live-in girlfriend in the head while on the phone with Jackie.

Tasha talks Jackie into fleeing Miami after her house mysteriously burned down. They decided to go back to Hollybrook, in fear their lives may be in danger.  Tasha decided to reconcile with her husband after finding him beaten and half dead in their backyard. Jackie discovered signs of a struggle at their home that didn’t match the story Jalene told Tasha about his injuries. Jackie decided to do a little detective work, she follow and steals information from the U.S. Marshal’s computer revealing Jalene and his friend’s true identity. Before going back to Miami to avenge the death of her girlfriend she sends the file to Tasha with instruction not to make a move until she gets back from Miami.

Phil sends Tasha another contract this time her target knock on her front door looking for her husband before forcing their way into their home. An epic gun battle ensues between Tasha and the intruders. Jackie came back in town to discover Tasha hog tied and drug her husband and one of the intruders, killing two more of Jalene’s old friends and a dirty U.S. Marshal looking to cash in on the micro-disk. She still cared about her husband and decided to untie him. Tasha and Jackie decided to fake their deaths by retrieving two female cadavers from the town morgue. As Jackie ripped the teeth from corpses, Jalene regain consciousness and shot her in the side.  She fell off the corpse and passed out when she regain consciousness she saw Tasha pointing a gun at Jalene. She inch towards the nearest weapon and empty an entire clip into Jalene’s face. Tasha stitch her friend’s wound close and point a gun at her demanding she leave the house and head for the mountains with the money and micro-disk. After Jackie left the house an epic battle between Tasha, Phil and about thirty other contract killers ensued, forever reshaping their lives.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sexy black girls with big guns

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Brazilian girls with big guns

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Sexy girl and guns

Nice ass and beautiful guns. #Girlpower #girlsandguns #guns #greatbody #fitness #booty #sexy #girlgun #pinkgun

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sexy black girls with guns

Sexy black girls and beautiful guns. #Girlpower #girlsandguns #guns #greatbody #fitness #booty #sexy #girlgun #pinkgun

Monday, May 19, 2014

Girls and Guns

Fitness and Guns go so good together. Love this gun and her abs. Forget the french manicures and polished tips pick up a gun and just blast off.  ‪#‎fitness‬ ‪#‎guns‬ ‪#‎miltaryguns‬ ‪#‎hardbodies‬ ‪#‎danger‬ ‪#‎Kill‬ ‪#‎Murder‬

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy Birthday M.L.K jr.

He is a legend with his non-violent protests, his I Have A Dream speech. Teach your kids about this man he was a great man!!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Creating a budget

Creating a budget is critical to keeping your house in order. If you are like me and have a family, then you need a budget. To create a budget you need to find out how much money you are spending out every month.

Start off with your fix bills, these are the bills that provide a the basics, such as shelter, food and transportation. Once you figure out how much these bills are you can start to build a budget.

Next you would need to figure out how much you spend on your non-essential bills, such as gym memberships, club fees, cable/satellite, cellphone and phone house bill,internet bill, etc. These are usually luxury bills you can cut.

Once you figure out the amount you pay out then you can figure out a budget. I recommend setting a budget every month. For the first couple of months you may underestimate your budget, its okay because you are in the trial phase trying to figure out your bills.

After you created a budget every adult in the house are happy with you can start cutting things you feel you don't need from your budget. Also you can adjust budget as needed.


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