Thursday, May 29, 2014

Red Note: A Time to Kill Synopsis

I am not dirty, just ambitious. You are getting in the way of my ambition, you got to die. - Frank Barrow

Contract killer Tasha Fergerson is content living a quiet life in small town Hollybrook, GA. She lives in the town with her husband Jalene Fergerson. Despite their bumpy marriage riddle with communication issues, verbal abuse and infidelity they still try to make it work.  Tasha is well respected in Hollybrook. She volunteers at the homeless shelter, kind person, attends church faithfully every Wednesday and Sunday and teaches Sunday school to kids between the ages of 2-5. She loves and adores kids but the couple does not have any kids of their own. Tasha hides her killer lifestyle from her husband to protect him. She got into contract killing at the tender age of 14 as a runaway.

Jalene Fergerson is a sheriff of the quiet, mountain terrain town of Hollybrook. Despite his wife church going ways and kind nature he is haunted by his fugitive past. Jalene Fergerson real name is Shawn Robinson. Shawn spent his childhood an orphan and homeless. Despite his hardships, he still manage to obtain a partial scholarship and acceptance in Ivory league Princeton University. Shawn had dreams of becoming a Computer Analysis and wanted to work for C.I.A or F.B.I. During his college years he still struggled financially and didn’t have any support. Shawn started his internship at a weapons laboratory that produces dangerous weapons for the military. Shawn’s roommate and cousins decided to proposition him to assist in stealing a prototype and blueprints for military grade weapon produced at his lab.

Shawn and his friends got caught breaking into the lab but manage to escape prison and F.B.I protection with the help of international criminal organization El Diablo Familia and Korean plastic surgeons. When they got caught Shawn turned Federal witness snitching on his friends who happened to be members of El Diablo Familia, costing the organization millions, putting his life and anyone associated with him life in danger. He managed to hide the micro-disk used in the heist, thus having the only copy of the blueprint stolen from the lab. He changed his face and identity to remain hidden from authorities, his old friends and El Diablo Familia. He is currently married to Tasha, has a drinking problem and dealing with U.S. Marshals in his town searching for him and his old friends. Tasha has no idea that her next contracts were link to her husband. She kills two of Jalene’s old friends in a hotel along Route 66. When she got back from completing a contract, she caught Jalene and his assistant having sex in his study.

Tasha confused and hurt, she decided to reconnect with her old friend and lover Jackie who current resides in upscale Miami, FL community. Jackie and Tasha made love and reconnected as lovers. Her friend is a contract kill but has been on suspension for not successfully track down micro-disk, killing Shawn Robinson and his friends.  Jackie lives a lavish lifestyle, thanks to her contractor money, but since she has been on suspension she had to supplement her income by robbing and sometimes killing drug dealers. She takes Tasha on a robbery, thus lying about her intentions.  Tasha discovers she is not helping Jackie with a hit but a robbery. She confronts Jackie about her finances and she breaks down and tells Tasha about her financial issues and the suspension.  During the robbery Jackie kills a drug kingpin, his brother seeks revenge. He burns down Jackie’s half million dollar home and shoots her live-in girlfriend in the head while on the phone with Jackie.

Tasha talks Jackie into fleeing Miami after her house mysteriously burned down. They decided to go back to Hollybrook, in fear their lives may be in danger.  Tasha decided to reconcile with her husband after finding him beaten and half dead in their backyard. Jackie discovered signs of a struggle at their home that didn’t match the story Jalene told Tasha about his injuries. Jackie decided to do a little detective work, she follow and steals information from the U.S. Marshal’s computer revealing Jalene and his friend’s true identity. Before going back to Miami to avenge the death of her girlfriend she sends the file to Tasha with instruction not to make a move until she gets back from Miami.

Phil sends Tasha another contract this time her target knock on her front door looking for her husband before forcing their way into their home. An epic gun battle ensues between Tasha and the intruders. Jackie came back in town to discover Tasha hog tied and drug her husband and one of the intruders, killing two more of Jalene’s old friends and a dirty U.S. Marshal looking to cash in on the micro-disk. She still cared about her husband and decided to untie him. Tasha and Jackie decided to fake their deaths by retrieving two female cadavers from the town morgue. As Jackie ripped the teeth from corpses, Jalene regain consciousness and shot her in the side.  She fell off the corpse and passed out when she regain consciousness she saw Tasha pointing a gun at Jalene. She inch towards the nearest weapon and empty an entire clip into Jalene’s face. Tasha stitch her friend’s wound close and point a gun at her demanding she leave the house and head for the mountains with the money and micro-disk. After Jackie left the house an epic battle between Tasha, Phil and about thirty other contract killers ensued, forever reshaping their lives.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Girls and Guns

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