Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ISIS: Fighting war on terror

Another BlockBuster hit from Jihad, complete with English-speaking militants, executions and ending with FBI searching for militants in the video. The new video is called “Flames of War,” the militant FBI is looking for started speaking in Arabic then switches to perfect English with a North American accent. In the video the same militant appears to coordinate an execution of Syrian soldiers. According to CNN, the United States will be doing a voice analysis and comparing it to people they have under surveillance. Officials say the killer appears to be a significant person of influence with the terror group. The jihadist appears to be articulate and persuasive. In the video, the jihadist makes reference to the Syrian soldiers assigned to 17th Division military base near the Syrian city of Raqqa. He states they are “digging their own graves in the very place where they were stationed.” Examiner cannot independently verify if the men in the video were actual Jihadist or soldiers were killed.

CBS News’ Clarissa Ward talks to a 26-year-old Dutch fighter called Yilmaz who abandoned his western lifestyle to fight Jihad in Syria. "I would fight anybody," said Yilmaz. "Even if it was my own father that was bombing these people, I would fight him and kill him myself." When asked if he missed his home and family. He stated "Yes, of course, of course. We left everything behind, when we migrated, everything, everything, our families our friends, basically our future." Yilmaz believes that American ideology is not needed or wanted in Syria. Citing western hypocrisy, "We don't want you," said Yilmaz. "We want our own laws. We want our own rules.""We want Islamic law," said Yilmaz. "It's the only solution." Yilmaz stated he doesn’t fight with ISIS but he doesn’t condemn them, Assad is not the only enemy these days. Current U.S.-led airstrikes against Islamic militant in Iraq and Syria stirred up the belief that the west is fighting a war on Islam.

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