Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Losing weight can be hard

I have been trying to lose the body fat from my last child for past three years. But life happen. I have been through a lot, I know it is not excuse for not exercising and eating right. My son was in child protection service custody about 3 years ago over some self-inflected bruises. He would often throw himself into walls when throwing temper tantrums. But years of psychologist and patients broke him out of it.

I have been through financial trouble. My family struggled really bad after my husband got laid off due to the slump in house sells or house being built. I use love lifting weights, do yoga and run, during that time I did lose about 50lbs. But then when the financial stress returned I gained it all back. Because I was so focused on finding a job and working as many hours as possible. My nutrition took a back seat to making money. I am in a better position in life and willing to stick to it now. So, next month I am changing what I eat and getting out more. I will keep you updated.

 I am fit, trim and eating right.


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