Friday, November 15, 2013

Red Note: A Time To Kill

This project is currently in works. I am hoping to release beginning of 2014. This is the story of a lady name Tasha Fergerson. Her story starts with her living at home with an alcoholic addicted father who abused both her and her mother. She ran away at the age of 13 years old and got mixed up with the wrong crowd and end up a contract killer. Fast forward to adulthood, she is married with no kids and trying to settle into regular citizen life with her husband. They have been having married issue, Tasha unable to have kids because she keep miscarrying, Jalene's alcohol addiction and lack of communication. Jalene (Tasha's husband) works as the town sheriff in a town called Hollybrook. Tasha miscarried twice doing a jobs. She tries to hide her secret life as contract killer but it starting to ruin her marriage. Jalene grows suspicious about her "business trips" and arguments. Jalene is an alcoholic, just like Tasha's father. In fits of rage, he is becomes verbally abusive towards her. Despite their constant argument and his drunken behavior, she still try to work on her marriage. She is trying to become a christian and hope to get forgiveness for all the bad things she do. Tasha is trying to leave the life of contract killing but there are only two ways out death or jail, neither is an option for her.

Jalene has some secrets of his own. His real name is not Jalene Fergerson and he had a facelift to escape his criminal past. In fact, he is a wanted fugitive. When the Marshals arrived in town, chaos begun to take root in their marriage. The Marshals arrived in town on a lead that a couple of the fugitives they been looking for may be residing in Hollybrook, under different names and faces. Jalene pulled a heist about 16 years ago with five other guys. They stole information on building military grade weapon and the prototype. The FBI was unable to recover the stole information.  In the process of the heist, the guys tried to take Jalene's life. The FBI was not interested in Jalene but the other guys connected to organized crime syndicate called la familia del diablo. Jalene told on other guys in exchange for a fresh start at life. FBI gave him a bank account, new identity and relocated him. He knew la famili del diablo was going to try to kill him again, so he escaped protective custody. When he escaped protective custody he got a new identity,face and took the missing weapons information with him. He is wanted because the other guys escaped prison and FBI Jalene may still know where the missing microdisk may be. La familia del diablo is looking for the information, their client were willing to pay as much as 50 million dollars for the weapon information and prototype. 

Tasha got a call, she had to leave to pull a job not far from their home. She was assign to kill two brothers, she did not know why, she just showed up to get the job done. She was unaware the two guys she murder was unlocking the secrets to her husband's past. La familia del diablo order the hit.

The three remaining guys are head to Hollybrook to take care of Jalene and retrieve the microdisk. Jalene and Tasha marriage hits an all time low when Tasha catch him cheating. Tasha decide to go visit her friend and ex-lover Jackie. Jackie is in the same line of work as Tasha and she is a lesbian. Tasha is bi-sexual, she use to fool around with Jackie before she met Jalene. Jackie is irrational, hot head, with no regard to human life or her own life. When Tasha came to Miami to get away from her husband and erase the imagines of her husband having sex with a woman in their house but she gets into more trouble.

Tasha discovered that Jackie has been black listed in assassin underworld, this means she will not be contacted for work until a certain time. She was black listed because she lost track of her target. Jackie used to be a top assassin because her hardcore kill instincts, general disregard for human life. She begun to experience financial issues, she did not slow down on spending her money when the work slowed down. To support her lavish lifestyle for the finer things she turn to robbing drug dealers and living with a wealthy girlfriend. Jackie tricked Tasha into pulling a robbery by telling her it was just a contract. Unfortunately, this drug dealer was able to identify Jackie and decided to send her a message by burning down her house with her girlfriend in it. The job left Jackie homeless. After Tasha giving her marriage a long thought and having an affair with Jackie she decide to go back home and work on her marriage. Tasha did not want to take Jackie home with her but she was homeless and her life was in danger. She did not want to leave her friend in Miami. 

Jalene begun to drank more since his wife left him, Marshals in town looking for him and he knew soon ghost from his past were coming back. He was tried of running using fake names and staring at a mirror unable to recognize his own face. Jalene was hoping to drink himself to death before getting caught. During Jalene drinking binge, he got a visit from ghosts from his past. 

Tasha return from week hiatus only to find the house trashed and Jalene beat up. Jalene knew he had to come clean and tell his wife whats really going on with him. But how he was going to tell the woman he love his name is not Jalene, he really don't look like this and he is a wanted criminal. Tasha is into the church, volunteering and working with the kids, she was the town sweetheart, when she was not killing. At first Jalene made up a story about burglaries breaking in and attacking him. 

Tasha believed his story, comforted him and introduced him to her friend Jackie. She made up a story about them going to college together. Everything seem to be going good in their marriage. Jalene cut back on the drinks and began to reconnect with his wife. Jackie didn't like or trust Jalene, she always knew he was lying about something. She did some research and found out about Jalene's past. She knew her friend was in danger, she tried to approach Tasha with the information but she did not believe her and thought she was doing it out of jealousy. Jackie decide to put pressure on Jalene to tell his wife the truth. 

Tasha found out after she got a call, to assassin three people. Her three targets end up on her door step looking for Jalene, but calling him by another name. She ask Jalene about his other name and the three men, that's when he told her about his past. She tried to tell him about her past but bullets came flying through the door. When she and Jackie was shooting guns and fighting, Jalene realise his wife was keeping secrets too. 

La Familia del diablo found out Tasha and Jalene were married. They just order a hit to take out both of them. When they put a price on both of their heads assassins from everywhere came out  to get them. Jackie found her old target with a new face and name, his name was Jalene. She was contacted, if she kill Jalene she can be restored, no more robbing drug dealers or being a gold digging girlfriend.They offered to spare Tasha's life. Tasha has to make a choice between her husband or her best friend and lover, while trying to survive.

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